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Ultimate Female Body Transformation Formula


 Genuine reviews of The Venus Factor

As we all know that most “review” sites have a single hidden purpose i.e. to sell their product. Unfortunately, the writers on these review sites often dress themselves up as convincing independent reviewers.

Our main purpose is not selling the product but is to help people to know about  the real benefits of using this product. As I have experienced the miraculous and unexpected results. Thus I want to share this knowledge that I have gained during this weight loss journey.

I describe here the contents of The Venus Factor program. That’s factual information about what exactly is this remarkable program about. In this way, you can get some help to make up your own mind about trying it out.


 What Exactly Venus Factor Program Is?

The Venus Factor is a complete body re-shaping system and fitness program which offers bnboth weight loss as well as weight gain plans for all those who are either underweight or overweight. Venus Factor is a body transformation program for woman.

The only solution for female fat loss problem is “Venus Factor” which guarantees 100% results and according to the Venus factor policy, if you are not satisfied with the results, this program returns your money back. It is a 12 week program designed specifically for woman who want to either lose weight or gain weight in a healthy and inexpensive manner. If you are still in doubt then consider reading this review till the end as it explains all about this program.


 “Venus Factor program is specially designed for women of all ages, generations, and body types. The major emphasis of this program is not burning excess body fat but getting that magical female shape

Group of fitness women with dumbbells


Important Factors of Losing Weight


The very first thing that women need to understand is that female bodies are different than men’s body both in anatomy and physiology because of child bearing and nurturing demands which makes our body more prone to fat.

    Well said by Albert Einstein, It’s insane to keep doing the same thing, and expect different results.” What he meant was, if you want different results, then you need to adopt a different approach.


The Venus Factor is created exclusively for women because of a woman’s different body needs. Traditionally, exact men’s exercise regimens and diet plans have been aimed at women but the results never work effectively and properly.

But according to recent research and studies, large part to women having leptin resistance, which acts as a hormone in the body and responds much the way insulin does. According to the Venus Factor program, by learning how to trigger the female body needs to recognize existing leptin level, you unlock the potential to have the body you desire.

“This is the most amazing diet plan to appear in the market now and will be in future onward.”

Venus Factor Package Includes:

1. It’s a 12-Week Workout System with user-friendly instructional guide exercise videos.

2. Provides ebook of 180-page of diet plans and weight loss manual.

3. Offers you an app that helps you to track calories and daily protein intake by your body called The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist.


4. You can easily access to the exclusive The Venus Factor community which includes various informational forums and blogs, which help you to learn more about this program.

5. Impartial and genuine audio interviews and reviews by other members of Venus factor program on their success stories of fitness.

Pros And Cons Of Venus Factor

If you are interested in knowing pros and cons of this program, then please stick around and continue reading further till the end as I am sure you will find this information useful as it explain all about this program.

If, somehow, there is something you’d like to know that you can’t seem to find on this page, you can submit your question via my contact us column, and I will surely try to find the answer and get back to you as soon as possible.


1. All the workouts and exercises which are shown in videos and pictures are easy to follow and simple to understand.

2. This program can work effectively for any woman, you just need to stick with that mentioned workouts to be in good health.

3. You can enjoy your favorite foods, you don’t need to limit yourself too much or count calories each time.

4. This program is not about gaining or losing weight. Your aim should be on to get into the best body shape.

 5. There is no need of expensive gym equipment, all are home workouts.

6. No pain – only gain.

7. 100% money guarantee.


1. Venus factor is not suitable for women having bone problems.

2. If you are looking for losing few pounds then this is not a right program for you because this is total body transformation program.

3. This program specifically designed for women; if you are men then it is useless to try.



 Evaluating Mice Experiment

 Independent mice tests on Leptin in laboratory revealed that mice without the DNA strand for leptin were subject to be morbidly obese, where mice with normal DNA remained in good physical shape. During these laboratory tests, they also discovered mice who were obese, yet not lacking the Leptin component.


 The obese mice, despite of high leptin level, still could not drop the excess weight because their brains simply did not answer back to their leptin levels.  So the main focus of John Barban is top find out how to to beat this for women, there are now ways understood to trigger our neural epicenters to identify our existing leptin levels and utilize them as they were meant to be.

 Final Verdict About This Programgurantee

 The Venus Factor gives you assurance to give 100 % results easily which you can see within the first day, and observe throughout the first week.  This is said by those who have tried this program and written about it through unbiased reviews, totally independent of The Venus Factor.


“Venus factor program ensures you have all the essential tools you need to reach the best shape you have ever in”

 Venus Factor is an effective method that may help you lose fat quickly. With the help of this program, now you can say goodbye to your ugly fat. The best thing about this program is that you can do all the workouts at your own time twice a week and easily follow the diet plans.

 To be very honest, I strongly recommend this kind of incredible fitness program to all of you. Thanks again for visiting this page hope you enjoyed your visit and found this info helpful.